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University of Pennsylvania Offers Graduate Certificate in Cinema

Ryan Ly

A former partner and the head of the television literary department at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, Ryan Ly currently serves as principal at Curate Entertainment. Experienced at managing a large staff of television script agents, Ryan Ly studied English and film at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

In addition to an undergraduate cinema studies program, UPenn also offers a graduate certificate in cinema and media studies to graduate students who have already been admitted to another UPenn graduate degree program. This graduate certificate program prepares students to complete research and teach in the areas of film and media to supplement and advance their academic work.

With a large number of resources at their disposal, UPenn cinema students enhance their studies through the use of UPenn’s extensive Muybridge archive and the rest of the film collection in UPenn’s libraries, as well as the artists’ video collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Students also are eligible to apply for the year-long paid internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which includes organizing a film series and doing research in the film archives.

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