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Tips for Success for Aspiring Screenwriters

Ryan Ly

A well-known Los Angeles-based television literary agent, Ryan Ly is principal of Curate Entertainment. Recognized as one of Hollywood Reporter’s “35 under 35” entertainment industry agents and executives, Ryan Ly signed talent for hit series such as Game of Thrones, including writers.

As most aspiring scriptwriters know, breaking into the business takes an incredible amount of talent and persistence. Here are a few essential tips for success.

First, keep writing to hone your craft. Don’t be satisfied with finishing just one screenplay that you think is fantastic, because it may never get picked up, while your second or third or fourth attempt at a screenplay might be the one that opens door. Moreover, getting into the practice of writing everyday, rather than only when inspiration strikes, will also make you a better writer.
In addition, if you want to work your way up in Hollywood, remember to always be kind and respectful to the agent’s assistant. While some people are dismissive or even demanding to the person answering the phone, the assistant is the gatekeeper to the agent, often deciding which scripts get passed along and who gets called back.
Lastly, get your feet wet by writing and filming your own project with a digital video camera. Recruiting a few actors to bring alive a short script will teach you more about honing a script and realizing a project than any script writing class. .

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