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The Walking Dead to Last 10 More Years

Ryan Ly

With substantial experience as the head of Creative Artists Agency LLC’s Television Literary Department, Ryan Ly now serves as the principal of Curate Entertainment in Los Angeles. Ryan Ly has accumulated millions in commissions while representing creative talent for series such as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

While fans of The Walking Dead may be glad that its creators see the series continuing well into the next decade, they may not be pleased to learn that lead character Rick Grimes will not stay for that length of time. In fact, Rick Grimes is expected to leave the show in the 2018 season.
Still, AMC CEO Josh Sapan says that, in addition to another decade on television, The Walking Dead franchise is expected to continue to create spin-off series like Fear the Walking Dead, which is already airing. Veteran series writer Angela Kang is now going to head up the latter starting this year. The show is expected to explore more original material in the future, breaking away from the comic book from which it sprung.

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