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How the Orrery Society Takes Care of the Future Today

Ryan Ly

An alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, Ryan Ly has substantial experience in the entertainment industry in identifying opportunities that offer at least a fair return on investment to drive profit. A benefactor of his alma mater’s libraries via the Ryan Ly and Family Endowed Collection Fund, he is also a member of the Orrery Society’s Libraries Leadership Board.

Organized in 2008, the Orrery Society recognizes individuals and groups whose contributions have led to the enhancement of information resources at UPenn libraries. Moreover, it aims to enlarge the libraries’ access to scholarly information by accepting donations for the acquisition, digitization, and conservation of these assets. Through the Orrery Society, UPenn alumni become aware of their roles in helping their alma mater achieve its mission.
Now with 200 active members, the Orrery Society has experienced significant growth in membership, considering that it started with just 90 members at its inception. Since then, more than $7.5 million have been raised to support the libraries’ collections.
With more support coming, the Orrery Society anticipates thriving and evolving in the coming years. The future of UPenn scholars looks brighter on account of the organization’s efforts to keep up with information needs.

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